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PRESS: "A Brand To Watch"

While the Beauty Independent editorial team saw a lull in the usually steady stream of new brand announcements during the first months of the pandemic, that slowdown didn’t last. Many enterprising would-be entrepreneurs, countless numbers of Black women among them, found, in the hardships and new normal of the past year, motivation to make the leap from the beauty sidelines to business creation. The products they’ve bought to market are unique offerings that span the haircare, skincare, body care and ingestibles categories...Here is a roundup of five recently-launched Black-owned beauty and wellness brands."

Say "Yes" to Your Self-Care!

Reclaim My Time!


Inspired by my great grandmother, Ora Mae Reese, and her love for a nice bath, lathering herself in lotion, spraying a little "smell good" and more - I've revisted those sacred self-care rituals in an effort to get back to basics.

Words of Wisdom

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list."

Michelle Obama

What Our Beloved Customers Think

The scrub was perfect for opening up my sinuses. Especially during these times, it felt like a deep breath of comfort. It reminded me of my grandma rubbing tiger balm on me when I was sick. I also liked that my skin didn’t feel dry after my bath. I would rate the products 5 stars! I can’t wait to order more and take another bath! 

Ms. Chan

Giiiiirrrrllllll....these products smell soooooo good! I'm soaking tonight!

Nikki W.

I love it! I've already used it twice this week and it's only Wednesday. It's like an epsom salt bath but better and after working out, it's the best for my aching muscles.

Desmond O.

It was great!! Didn't fizz out too quick, smelled great AND it rotated the entire time while fizzing!! Also, the dye did not stain my white bath pillow! Some other ones have stained it... Excellent all around!

Kendra K.

I love the products! I’ve never been much of a bath person, but the bath bombs and soak and scrub have converted me! I loved the turquoise green color. It made me feel like I was bathing somewhere exotic! It also made the water feel like velvety milk... I slept like a baby after.

Mary C.

Tish! I'm so proud of you! I rub the gel on my shoulder and neck and I feel the difference and it helps a lot. Thank you!

Margaret D.